Friday, May 25, 2012

My Grandfather was a fighter pilot

This is a school interview that I recently did with my Grandpa John. My grandpa is the 3rd man from the left standing up.

My Grandpa John was a fighter pilot in both the Vietnam and Korean wars. He spent a lot of time studying for pilot training. He was enlisted in 1948. First the Korean war and later he served in the Vietnam war.I did a interview with him on May 10, 2012.

 “Were did you serve?”
  “I served in Japan for about 2 and a half years,then went to the Korean war for about 1 year.”            

“Do you remember what it was like when you first arrived?”    
  “Yes, it was terrible we were all living in tents. Then the Chinese came and we all had to evacuate.”

“Were you ever injured?”

“Were there any casualties in your unit?”
“Yes, we lost 6 pilots and some ground men.”


“What was the food like?”
“It was good but I liked it better in the Vietnam.”

“Did you feel pressure or stress?”
“Yes, because when people are shooting at me I felt pressure and stress.”

“Where did you travel while in the service?”
“I went to the states, then to Japan and from Japan to Korea.”

“Do you recall the year that your service ended?”
“Yes, it was July 1982.”

“Where were you?”
“I was in Austin Texas.”

My Grandpa was a fighter pilot. He served for 36 years.He was awarded 2 distinguished flying crosses which is the highest you can get for Air Force officers.


  1. I May be a proud grandmother but I can't help thinking that anyone reading your blog would say "GOOD JOB Cian" Love Mema

  2. Good Job Cian. Love and Miss You.
    Aunt Rachel

  3. That's exciting that you got to talk to Grandfather about his experiences. Now when you meet older folks in town or see them in Walmart it makes you wonder what they did earlier in life, doesn't it? We miss you around here, Cian. Write more soon so we know what you are up to.